Meet the Versicherungs

Let’s be honest: The wide range of insurance plans provided by the German insurance world is simply overwhelming and we are not surprised that you want guidance as to what to do (and what to stay away from). But don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for! 

As an independent insurance broker, specialised in expats and customers from all over the world, we know the answers to all your questions (and if not, we know where to look for them). As a family-run business with more than 20 years of experience, we know that every client is unique and we provide personal, individual consultation. Even better: Our services don’t stop with finding the right insurance plans for you, but we care for you all the time: We communicate with the insurance carrier on your behalf, support you with claims and sometimes we simply translate these dreaded German documents for you. 

It goes without saying that we’re all fluent in English and it probably helps to hear that all of our team members were expats at one point in their lives and can very much relate to that feeling of feeling lost.

So don’t wait – get in touch with our experts to find out how we can assist you. 

Daniel Weiss

Managing director &
health & business insurance expert

As the managing director of Versicherungsbüro Weiss, Daniel is our all-round insurance expert with a special love for health and business insurances. No matter how many questions you have and how tricky your situation might look like, he will be by your side. Or as our clients like to say:  A genuinely nice guy.

Mona Anbari

Health insurance expert

When it comes to health insurance, no one can compete with Mona. She started working in the health insurance industry over 10 years ago and there really is no challenge too big for her. Mona knows the German health insurance world inside out and she will make sure to get you the best insurance coverage possible.

Danielle Lahav

Liability, household &
travel insurance expert

If you are a newcomer to Germany, you should definitely get in touch with Danielle. Being an expat herself, she knows how you feel. Danielle is our expert for all those insurances everyone recommends to you, but make no sense to you (yet). Danielle will give you a detailed overview of what is important at the start and everything will be less complicated after talking to her.

Christiane Schneider

Property owners &
legal insurance expert

You managed to buy property in Germany, but have no idea how to insure it? Christiane is the one to talk to. She will help you secure your investments with the right insurances and on top understands a lot about the complicated workings of legal insurances. After a call with Christiane, you might even feel like the insurance world is fun.

Julia Masannek

Life & loss of workforce insurance expert

Julia likes to think ahead – which is why you should get in touch with her, if you would like to establish financial security for you or your family throughout the next years. Julia is known for being able to make you understand every tiny detail of your insurance plan and to ask exactly those important questions you might have never asked yourself before.

Maria Kurkowski

Back office

Maria is our source of knowledge. With over 25 years of working in the insurance industry, there’s hardly anything that Maria hasn’t dealt with and – we don’t know how she does it –  never loses control over all these documents that we receive daily from our insurance carriers.

Vivien Lange

Back office & claims management

Vivien isn’t afraid to pick up the phone and talk until she gets the answer she needs, which really is a good thing when working in the claims department. She will make sure that your claim is dealt with asap and everything goes as planned.