Health insurance in Germany – Part 3: Differences in Coverage

As we continue our exploration of Germany’s dual health insurance system, we arrive at a crucial aspect that often sways individuals in their choice between Public Health Insurance (GKV) and Private Health Insurance (PKV): Differences in Coverage. Understanding these differences is essential, as they directly affect the quality of healthcare you receive and the financial […]

Navigating the New Era of E-Prescriptions in Germany

Starting this year, a significant change has swept through the German healthcare system – the introduction of the electronic prescription, or E-Rezept. Gone are the days of the familiar pink paper prescriptions; we’ve officially entered the digital age of healthcare! Let’s dive into what E-Rezept is and how it impacts your visit to the pharmacy. […]

Public vs. Private Health insurance in Germany – a mini series

There aren’t many things in life that are more important than your health and well-being. Health insurance naturally plays a significant part in ensuring that you can stay healthy, treat illnesses quickly and of course protect your life savings when faced with a serious illness. Despite the prominent role that health insurance has in all […]