Health insurance in Germany – Part 3: Differences in Coverage

As we continue our exploration of Germany’s dual health insurance system, we arrive at a crucial aspect that often sways individuals in their choice between Public Health Insurance (GKV) and Private Health Insurance (PKV): Differences in Coverage. Understanding these differences is essential, as they directly affect the quality of healthcare you receive and the financial […]

Navigating the New Era of E-Prescriptions in Germany

Starting this year, a significant change has swept through the German healthcare system – the introduction of the electronic prescription, or E-Rezept. Gone are the days of the familiar pink paper prescriptions; we’ve officially entered the digital age of healthcare! Let’s dive into what E-Rezept is and how it impacts your visit to the pharmacy. […]

Public vs. Private Health insurance in Germany – a mini series

There aren’t many things in life that are more important than your health and well-being. Health insurance naturally plays a significant part in ensuring that you can stay healthy, treat illnesses quickly and of course protect your life savings when faced with a serious illness. Despite the prominent role that health insurance has in all […]

What insurances do I need as an expat in Germany?

Individuals & families What insurances you need naturally depends on your individual situation: how long you are planning to stay in Germany, whether you are a freelancer or employed, whether you have kids, etc. However, there are insurances that are strongly recommended for almost every situation and others that can be bundled together to form […]

Health insurance for a visa in Germany

What is it? Health insurance in Germany is mandatory and therefore a requirement in order to be granted a visa of any kind in Germany. That holds true for a short-term stay, for working in Germany for a few years and to move to Germany for good. When applying for a visa you need to […]

Private health insurance

What is it? The origins of private health insurance (PKV) can be traced back to the social security laws of Otto von Bismarck at the end of the 19th century. By providing health insurance only for employed citizen, there were many people who did not have access to public health care: civil servants, self-employed, freelancers, […]

Public health insurance

What is it? The public health insurance (GKV) system has its origin in the social laws introduced by Otto von Bismarck at the end of the 19th century. All “workers” (today: employees) had to insure themselves in the GKV, in order to receive a minimum amount of protection. Meanwhile, the tasks have become more diverse, […]