Risk life insurance

What is it? Risk life insurances (Risk-LI) have one main objective: the financial security of the surviving dependents in the event of death. The functionality is therefore also sufficiently simple and can be explained quickly: If you die within the contract period, your family members will receive a one-time payment. Of course, despite the relative […]

Employment-based retirement plans

What is it? Employment-based retirement plans is a collective term for all financial benefits that an employer can provide to his employees for pensions, survivor’s benefits in the event of death or invalidity benefits. Nobody denies the fact that the pension provided by the public retirement plan will no longer be sufficient to maintain the […]

Occupational disability insurance

What is it? To put it simply: the occupational disability insurance protects you against the loss of income should you no longer be able to work. Occupational disability insurance is a somewhat peculiar case because it is simultaneously seen as extremely important yet few people actually have one. Put in numbers, it is consistently named […]

Work incapacity insurance

What is it? The public work incapacity insurance exists in Germany since 2001. It pays employees and those who pay into the public pension insurance a pension when their capacity to work has been reduced because of their health. The basic requirement is that the person can only work for less than six hours on […]