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All Insurances

Health & Care

Health insurance in Germany is mandatory but there are many ways to get the coverage that is right for. Whether you are only here for a short stay, a few years in order to work or want to relocate for good, having the right health care is a fundamental aspect of living in Germany.

Liability, Home, Car & Travel

From small issues such as paying for the scratches you made when moving out of your apartment to covering you and your family while travelling – there are a range of insurances that are indispensable for a safe everyday life.


Legal disputes are unfortunately becoming more common in Germany and they can get expensive very quickly. Legal expenses insurances exist for a variety of legal fields and can be tailored to your needs.


Whether you own a property as an investment or as your permanent home, it is paramount to set up insurances that help you secure your assets.

Life & Loss of Work Force

What happens if you can’t work anymore? And how do you provide security for your family in case of death? Life and loss of work force insurances can support you to achieve financial security for you and your loved ones throughout the next years.


No one can look into the future, but one thing is for sure: You have to take care of your pension yourself. In order to secure financial stability once you are retired, there are a few pensions plans that are relevant for expats and nationals alike.


Life is full of surprises – business life even more so. The needs and requirements for insurances of a business can be as different as the people behind the business themselves, but there are a range of important insurances that can help you deal with surprises.