Private legal expenses

What is it?

Legal expenses insurances (LEI) are a relatively young branch of insurances, effectively going mainstream in the early nineties. With the increasing “juridification” of our society, the importance of these insurances in general and private LEIs in particular continues to increase.

A private LEI is supposed to enable you to get your rights in all private matters. In order to do that, you receive, amongst other things, legal and financial support.

The background is quickly explained: In order to be active in the legal system, you need a lawyer, time and money. Because not everyone has the expertise, the money or the time needed and that should not keep you from pursuing your rights, LEIs have been created.

Private LEIs are modular. You can put together your legal protection like a building kit and create the legal protection you need.

What are the benefits?

Generally, Legal Expense Insurances (LEIs) offer two main services:

  • Legal advice and support from lawyers.
  • Reimbursement for lawyer, court, and process costs.

You can typically receive an initial consultation over the phone for free to help you decide whether to pursue legal action. If you choose to proceed, you will receive full support for your case.

A private LEI is specifically for private disputes, meaning it does not cover matters related to your employment.

The exact coverage of an LEI depends on your specific plan. Most basic plans do not include areas like tax law or inheritance law, which must be explicitly added if needed.

Who is it for?

Views vary widely on whether a private Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) is beneficial for everyone.

It’s a fact that legal cases and disputes have been steadily increasing in all areas of life for years. Additionally, laws are increasingly impacting various aspects of our lives. Moreover, the costs for legal processes and lawyers are often significantly higher than the value of the disputes themselves, more so than many realize.

If you frequently drive, are concerned about potential conflicts with neighbors or landlords, or worry that high litigation costs might deter you from asserting your rights, considering a private LEI could be wise.

However, it’s important to thoughtfully consider this decision. Other types of insurance, such as occupational disability or personal liability insurance might have a higher priority.

Feel free to contact us. Together, we can determine if a private LEI is right for you, and if so, identify the most suitable option.

Did you know?

Usual costs of an initial lawyer consultation without an insurance [1]