Liability, Home, Car & Travel

All Insurances in the field of Liability, Home, Car & Travel

Private liability insurance

In Germany, everyone is liable for the damages caused to others, regardless of whether it is a deliberate act or not. Private liability insurance is therefore highly recommended as it covers the costs of damages or injuries caused by an individual to a third party.

Household insurance

Protects your home and its contents from a number of potential risks. Whether a fire breaks out, water damage ruining the floors in your home or personal items get stolen in a burglary, a household insurance will reimburse you for your loss.

Car insurance

Required by law for all registered vehicles. It not only covers liability damages to third parties in case of an accident, but also provides financial protection against damages and theft. Costs for this insurance can vary greatly, depending not only on the car itself but on your driving history.

Travel insurance

Going on holiday should be fun. Travel insurances provide peace of mind and financial protection while traveling and the coverage options range from reimbursement of medical expenses to cancellation or interruption of holidays and lost luggage.