What is it?

Home contents insurance covers damages to your household goods. This includes, among other things, furniture, clothing, computers, your fridge, and a host of other items. Valuable items such as jewellery or cash money, and even something like pet food are covered as well.

A good rule of thumb: All items that you would take with you when moving house are considered household goods, and are therefore home contents.

Most home contents insurances offer you protection from the following risks:

  • Fire
  • Lightning strike
  • Burglary
  • (Hail) storms
  • Water damage from damaged or leaking pipes, taps, etc.
  • Power surge damage

Additionally, most insurance providers offer optional additional coverage protecting you against bicycle theft, glass and window breakage or flooding from heavy rain.

What are the benefits?

When you suffer damage to or loss of your household goods, you as the insured party will notify your insurance provider about the damaged or stolen items. The insurance provider will present you with a damage report which you will use to list the items and their respective value. Receipts, invoices or purchase agreements are very helpful in this step.

Subsequently, the insurance provider will verify your claim and pay out the replacement value (which may vary from the original purchasing price), the repair costs or a compensation for the depreciation of the claimed items.

Who is it for?

Since home contents insurance offers affordable protection against a broad range of damages, it’s recommended for almost every household. It’s even more useful if you have expensive items in your home. Should the contents of your home be of very small value, or if there would be no need to replace stolen or damaged items, then you might want to reconsider taking out this kind of insurance.


We almost always recommend taking out household insurance. It usually runs under €10 per month and offers a good safety net in case of damage or loss, making sure that you are not left alone when it comes to replacing your household goods.

The policies may vary strongly based on your place of residence, the size of your home, as well as other variables. Therefore, allow us to proactively help you at no extra cost. Together, we’ll come up with a policy that fits you, and the contents of your home, perfectly.

Did you know?

Around 50 million Germans
were protected by household insurance in 2019.