Life & Loss of Work Force

All Insurances in the field of Life & Loss of Work Force

Risk life insurance

A very straight-forward but nonetheless incredibly important insurance: In case of your death, your family will receive money to alleviate their financial burden. Sounds simply enough but there are many aspects to take into consideration in order to find the insurance that is right for you.

Occupational disability insurance

Most people make their living from their daily job. Occupational disability insurance is designed to provide income protection if an individual becomes unable to work due to health issues in your current profession. This insurance is highly recommend but also highly complex and needs a personal consultation.

Loss of basic abilities insurance

Another insurance that will help you make a living in crisis times but has a different angle: Here you cover literally basic abilities such as the ability to hear, the ability to walk and the loss thereof.

Work incapacity insurance

A smaller (and cheaper) version of the occupational disability insurance, the work incapacity insurance answers the same question but is not as exhaustive. However, the entry is also easier, often making it a better choice when you have pre-existing conditions.

Dread & disease insurance

Getting diagnosed with a terrible disease is one of the scariest part of life that can hit you. This insurance makes sure that you have the financial pillow to only deal with the disease and not financially struggle at the same time.

Accident insurance

If you have an accident to leaves you permanently physically affected, money is the last thing you want to think about. Accident insurances can come in many forms but ultimately provide coverage for medical expenses, disability benefits, and other related costs, helping individuals and families cope with the financial impact of accidents.