All Insurances in the field of Property

Household insurance

Household insurance is mostly relevant for landlords that rent out furnished apartments as it covers for items provided by the owner such as furniture or appliances. It protects against a number of risks such as fire, water damage, burglary and is highly recommended for property with expensive contents.

Liability insurance for property owners

As a property owner you are required by law to maintain your property. This insurance protects you in your function and your duties as an owner of apartments and houses and covers the damage caused to third parties through your property. Claims usually arise from maintenance deficiencies or structural defects of the property.

Legal expenses insurance for property owners

Anyone who rents out apartments or houses must expect disputes sooner or later. Legal expenses insurance for property owners covers the costs of legal disputes ranging from non-payment or irregular rental payments to evictions and reduces your financial risk as a property owner.

Building insurance

If you own an entire building, a building insurance is essential. With this insurance, you cover the very substance of your property against the big risks such as fire or water damages, storm or hail. This insurance safeguards from significant financial losses by covering the costs of repairs or rebuilding, ensuring the long-term protection of your investment.